Americans who live abroad are subject to U.S. income taxation on their worldwide income and are required to file a U.S. federal income tax return. If you paid taxes to the country where you live and are subject to U.S. tax on the same income, you may be able to take a credit for those taxes. If you meet certain requirements, you may qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, allowing you to exclude from your income an amount of up to $100,800.

Sanders US Tax Services is built to provide smart, flexible, and client-focused U.S. tax services for Americans living abroad. Our tax professionals are very experienced and will guide you through the filing process, making it a worry-free experience.

Our pricing policy is fully transparent. Flat fee pricing with no surprises.

Unexpected bills can be frustrating and cause dissatisfaction. That’s why we believe in fair, flat fee pricing without surprises. There’s no guess work. Before you begin your project, you know exactly how much it will cost. If we end up spending more time than anticipated, you won’t owe anything extra.


Our flat fee includes forms 1040, 1116, 2555, Schedules B and C, one rental property, and up to 5 capital gain/loss transactions.


Depending on your circumstances, even though you live abroad, you may have a filing requirement for one or more states. The requirements vary by state. Your tax professional will help you determine whether you have a filing requirement.


If you’re not a U.S. citizen and not a resident of the United Sates, you may still have to file a U.S. tax return if you have U.S.-source income. If you’re not certain about your filing obligations, please contact us.


Please complete the form to get started. A tax professional will be in touch with you to answer your questions and explain the process.