Streamlined Procedures or Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

To qualify for the Streamlined Procedures, you must be able to certify that your failure to timely file complete and correct tax returns is not due to willful conduct. Taxpayers who are concerned that their failure to report income, pay tax, and submit required information returns is due to willful conduct and therefore seek assurance that they will not be subject to criminal liability and/or substantial monetary penalties should consider participating in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

If you believe your non-compliance with U.S. tax obligations is due to willful conduct, we recommend you consult with an attorney. We would be happy to recommend an attorney who is experienced in assisting U.S. taxpayers in deciding whether the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program would be a better way to become tax-compliant.

We strongly recommend that you become compliant as soon as possible. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the Streamlined Procedures or our pricing. Our tax professionals have helped many U.S. taxpayers become compliant.